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At the core of all we do at Sahara Care is the key fundamental of encouraging and supporting our service users to take control of their lives and the decisions that shape it.  Our tailored, individual support plans grow and develop with the needs and wishes of the people that we support.

Nilesh, one of our team at Sahara Lodge and Gardens recently accompanied Robert on his journey to give up his long term smoking habit.  His story is truly inspirational.

Robert has been a long-standing smoker of in excess of 40 cigarettes a day. This was clearly having a negative effect on his health and so one of our support workers, Nilesh took it upon himself to work tirelessly with Robert to break his habit.

Nilesh approached Robert in February of this year and after a time they agreed to attend a ‘Stop Smoking’ clinic. This was the start of their journey to improved health and wellness for Robert.

Nilesh assisted Robert in purchasing patches and gum to aid his withdrawal and supported him daily through his journey to eliminating his dependency on nicotine.

This was challenging as Robert has mental health issues, however Nilesh persevered and was determined for Robert to succeed with his support

Nilesh encouraged Robert by demonstrating the financial advantage to giving up and produced a simple spreadsheet that they both followed. Tactics were deployed to help with distraction when Robert suffered from cravings and lots of time was spent explaining the health benefits to giving up smoking.

It has been almost 3 months now since Robert had his last cigarette! His GP and supporting staff are all so proud of his achievement. The effort, enthusiasm, patience and dedication shown by Nilesh has been outstanding. We are so proud of our team at Sahara Care and their capacity to go above and beyond for our service users.