The core values of Sahara Care are:


At Sahara Care, service users…

  • have the time and space to be as independent as possible. This ranges from cooking or shopping for themselves and doing their own cleaning or washing to making new friendships and relationships outside their residential care service
  • take reasonable risks – understanding and assessing risk can help people to become more independent and taking well thought-out, positive risk can enhance their quality of life
  • are supported sensitively, as and when required.


At Sahara Care, each service user…

  • is appreciated and respected as a unique and valued individual
  • makes their own choices about the way they live their life
  • receives support tailored to their physical, communication and behavioural needs.


At Sahara Care, service users…

  • make their own decisions wherever possible, including about what they eat, when, where and with whom, what activities they take part in, how they manage their time each day and more
  • are treated as individuals, each with their own wishes and views, not as a communal group.

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