The staff at the home have been amazing, patient/caring plus transparent. Everything is soo good, and he always looks well.

Danny G    |    Relative of Service User

The staff do a great job looking after my brother. He seems to be very happy at the home. He has a good relationship with the staff and is always smiling when he is in their company. When I visit, the staff look after me well and they are always friendly, making me feel welcome. It sets my mind at rest to know that I can leave my brother in such safe hands.

Ivan H    |    Relative of Service User

Great home and staff, especially in the current situation keeping the residents happy with the quiz nights, shops and various entertainment. Keeping family up to date with photos and telephone calls.

Sheila S    |    Relative of Service User

My brother-in-law has been at Sahara Lodge for many years and cannot speak highly enough with how he is cared for. We last saw him in the summer months, due to covid-19 restrictions, but he was absolutely fine and happy. We hopefully will see him very soon. The staff there can’t’ do enough for us and him when speaking or seeing them.

Ron W    |    Relative of Service User

I am writing to you and your whole team, including the management team at Sahara Parkside homes, to inform you about my feedback regarding the care that my daughter has been receiving at Sahara Parkside since transferring from Wales which is now a couple of years plus.

I need to thank you Tomisin and your team; as a key worker for my daughter Martha, for your many brilliant efforts that you and the whole team at Sahara Parkside continue to put and contributed in ensuring that my daughter’s needs are met by and within the team. I recognise that yours, the team’s and the Sahara Parkside management including information updates from Darren, ensure that my daughter’s needs are met and keeps me in the loop about my daughters care, welfare and wellbeing at Sahara Parkside.

It remains then to say it one more time, Thank you Tomisin, Sahara staff team that look after my daughter day in, day out and night, Sahara Parkside Management Team and the wider Sahara senior management team that work tirelessly behind the scenes to keep the service going and available. Thank you all for being a brilliant team and looking after my Martha. Again thank you to The Sahara Parkside team, yes it’s a team effort for all your care, kindness, tolerance and sincere consideration to continue supporting my daughter Martha in the way and manner that you all do.

Abbie Malambo    |    Martha’s mum

Parkside is the benchmark by which all other care homes in the Borough must be measured by.

Liam Smith    |    Leader of Barking and Dagenham Borough Council

Living here gives me that right of independence, freedom and equality. It gives me the choice of control to achieve my aspirations and life time goals.

Even though I individualy live alone in my apartment, this place really feels like a home and not just a care home but a family.

    |    Sahara Parkside Service User

I was coming up to 19 and had been evicted from my mum’s. I’d been in and out of care homes before and Social Services put me in Sahara Lodge.

I was on medication, highly strung, screaming and shouting and totally out of control. I had nothing to look forward to. Sharon changed my life – it’s as simple as that. She was more than a Managing Director, she was friendly and kind. I was verbally aggressive, but she took it and was patient, never lost her temper.

She was more like a close friend. She would come to the doctors with me and explain things to me afterwards. I began to calm down and see a future. It was the longest I stayed anywhere and when I left I was off medication. It was like a family. Everyone was loved.

I moved in with my boyfriend and now we have a beautiful little girl called Charlotte, who is 17 months old, and I’m expecting again.

None of this would have happened without Sharon. She is one of the kindest and best people I’ve ever met. We are friends and she buys us Christmas presents and invites us to parties at the homes like Hallowe’en.

I would do anything for Sharon – without her I would probably not be here.

Lisa    |    Sahara Lodge Service User

Hi I’m Celia Dunglinson. I have been living at Sahara House in Cranbrook Road since 2005. I came in as an emergency respite resident and now I’m a permanent resident at Sahara House.

This makes me very happy as this is now my home. What I like most about Sahara House is the fact that the staff support and encourage me in every way to make choices and decisions for myself and about my life and they are great fun to be around.

I get on very well with all my other house mates and enjoy numerous activities and annual holidays and parties with them as well as going out with staff to do my own activities.

I have my own bedroom which I have decorated to my own likes and tastes and I’m also allowed to get a pet. This makes me very happy as I will be getting a guinea pig in the next few months.

Celia    |    Sahara House Service User