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I am writing to you and your whole team, including the management team at Sahara Parkside homes, to inform you about my feedback regarding the care that my daughter has been receiving at Sahara Parkside since transferring from Wales which is now a couple of years plus.

I need to thank you Tomisin and your team; as a key worker for my daughter Martha, for your many brilliant efforts that you and the whole team at Sahara Parkside continue to put and contributed in ensuring that my daughter’s needs are met by and within the team. I recognise that yours, the team’s and the Sahara Parkside management including information updates from Darren, ensure that my daughter’s needs are met and keeps me in the loop about my daughters care, welfare and wellbeing at Sahara Parkside.

It remains then to say it one more time, Thank you Tomisin, Sahara staff team that look after my daughter day in, day out and night, Sahara Parkside Management Team and the wider Sahara senior management team that work tirelessly behind the scenes to keep the service going and available. Thank you all for being a brilliant team and looking after my Martha. Again thank you to The Sahara Parkside team, yes it’s a team effort for all your care, kindness, tolerance and sincere consideration to continue supporting my daughter Martha in the way and manner that you all do.