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Priyanka was nominated for this award to acknowledge her outstanding performance in supporting our residents to celebrate their cultural days of importance and for her work in ensuring the inclusion of all our residents in the service.

Priyanka works closely with local community organisations in Forest Gate and this has helped place Sahara Lodge and Gardens at the heart of our local community.

She works tirelessly organising events, making decorations, painting faces, designing costumes, baking cakes and crocheting, much of it in her own time ensuring that residents come together to celebrate the times of year that are important to them.  Priyanka actively plans for celebrations, whether it be Eid, Halloween, Holi, Ramadan, St George’s Day or Easter making sure that our residents are aware of events and are included in the preparations.

Priyanka supported our residents in teaching them how to crochet so they could take part in the Forest Gate Creative Times Initiative. This project saw local residents come together to crochet flowers for the community spring tree last year.  This was a huge task and involved a lot of extra work, which Priyanka completed in her own time.

Priyanka also worked with a local artist supporting our residents to participate in making a huge mosaic frog for the Forest Gate Community Garden.

There is no doubt that Priyanka goes above and beyond in her daily duties to enhance the lives of our residents and ensuring that we are engaged and integrated in local community projects.  This fully reflects the Sahara Care core values of  Individuality, Choice and Dignity.

Congratulations Priyanka on a fully deserved reward!