Our services

Sahara Care in London and Essex provides assisted living services. We have four assisted living homes at:

Our services Sahara Gardens
Forest Gate, London
Our services Sahara House
Ilford, Essex
Our services Sahara Lodge
Forest Gate, London
Our services Parkside
Barking, Essex

All our homes work closely with service users to put in place a personalised support plan, enabling them to lead the life they choose, with as much control as possible over decision-making, daily routines, other activities and the level of assistance our trained and experienced care staff provide.

An important part of living life the way our service users wish is having individual, private space and service users are encouraged to personalise their rooms as they choose.

As well as being a home with a welcoming, family atmosphere, where many service users will live for a long time, each of our services is also a community where they are able to develop lasting friendships, to socialise and understand the importance of respect and tolerance for others’ privacy, lifestyle choices and behaviours.

All our homes are conveniently located for local educational, leisure, shopping and other facilities, enabling service users to become involved in community life in the way they choose and feel comfortable with. Good transport links make it easy to access a wider range of activities and attractions in surrounding areas and London.

We understand the importance to our service users of maintaining relationships outside our homes and their locations make it easy for family and friends to visit and for service users to go to see people important to them. All our homes are also next to, or close to, local parks, giving service users attractive views and access to green spaces for leisure activities or exercise.

For more information on our assisted living services in Barking, Forest Gate, Ilford, London and Essex, please contact us.