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I was coming up to 19 and had been evicted from my mum’s. I’d been in and out of care homes before and Social Services put me in Sahara Lodge.

I was on medication, highly strung, screaming and shouting and totally out of control. I had nothing to look forward to. Sharon changed my life – it’s as simple as that. She was more than a Managing Director, she was friendly and kind. I was verbally aggressive, but she took it and was patient, never lost her temper.

She was more like a close friend. She would come to the doctors with me and explain things to me afterwards. I began to calm down and see a future. It was the longest I stayed anywhere and when I left I was off medication. It was like a family. Everyone was loved.

I moved in with my boyfriend and now we have a beautiful little girl called Charlotte, who is 17 months old, and I’m expecting again.

None of this would have happened without Sharon. She is one of the kindest and best people I’ve ever met. We are friends and she buys us Christmas presents and invites us to parties at the homes like Hallowe’en.

I would do anything for Sharon – without her I would probably not be here.