Sahara Home, Forest Gate

Sahara Home offers assisted living services to tenants aged 18+ with learning disabilities. The home is geared towards encouraging tenants to be more independent.

Our approach

Sahara Home’s approach is to support our tenants to live as independently as possible, in the way that they choose.

We work with each tenant, and people who are important to them, to create an individual support plan (ISP), built around the support they need, their right to make lifestyle choices, what they want to achieve and what we need to do to support that to happen.

We regularly review the ISP to make sure we continue to provide the right support to help tenants develop independent living skills and lead a full and enjoyable life, so our support could range from a few hours each day to overnight or 24-hour support.

Inside Sahara Home

Sahara Home has four large bedrooms on the ground and first floor, accessible by the main hallway and staircase.

Rooms are fully furnished but tenants can choose to bring or buy their own furniture.

About our community

Sahara Home is close to the centre of Forest Gate and East Ham, offering easy access to shops, health services, libraries, Jobcentres, other community facilities and places of worship. We also have excellent transport links into London and our location makes it easy for tenants to travel to see their families and friends or for visitors to come to Sahara Home.

Sahara Home, Forest Gate
  • Sahara Home, Forest Gate
  • Contact: Janette Neal
  • Tel: 0208 555 3735
  • Address: Sahara Home, 267 Shrewsbury Road, Forest Gate, London, E7 8QU

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