We’ve changed our name!

Sahara Care Homes Limited: the home of quality care

Sahara Homes Limited is now Sahara Care Homes Limited – renewing its emphasis on providing professional, quality standards of care. 

From its beginnings in 1997, Sahara Care Homes Limited has remained committed to creating bespoke, tailored care solutions to our service-users.  Through this, we maintain a culture of independence, situated in an enabling, positive and friendly environment. 

Alongside our name change, we carry forth the core values that Sahara was founded on:

  • Individuality – to ensure our service-users are recognised for their individual needs, rather than being categorised based on their disability

  • Dignity – to ensure our service-users are able to feel confident, empowered and unrestricted by disability, wherever possible

  • Choice – to ensure our service-users are able to make choices about their day-to-day routine; to be able to speak out and have their wishes heard

We currently offer four residential assisted living services.  From home to home, we provide the same supportive environment and set of promises to our service-users – to maximise their independence, create a routine that reflects their feedback and actively work towards helping them achieve a greater quality of life.

For a person-centred approach to care, where encouragement and motivation are as important as a soft bed to sleep in, contact Sahara Care Homes Limited today.