Sahara Parkside celebrate Janet’s 81st Birthday

Congratulations to Miss Janet Cakebread who has celebrated her 81st birthday with us at Sahara Parkside.

The staff threw a party for Janet and invited her friends to join us for a slice of cake and a sing-a-long.

Janet is one of our oldest residents at Sahara Care and everyone thoroughly enjoyed marking her birthday.

Anne Smith, Care Manager at Sahara Parkside, said: “Janet is a fantastic person and we felt really honoured to share her birthday with her. All of the guests who joined us had a great time and Janet certainly seemed to get into the spirit of things.”

Terrence Brown, Chairman at Sahara Care, said: “On behalf of everyone at Sahara Care I would like to wish Janet a very happy birthday.”

Sahara Parkside celebrate Janet’s 81st Birthday