Hastings invaded by Sahara Care residents

Residents of Sahara Care have been supported by staff to enjoy a holiday to the famous seaside town of Hastings.

Three service users were joined by a care team when they visited the coastal attraction at the end of summer, which is famous as the landing ground for the Norman invasion in 1066.

During their trip, the trio were helped by Sahara’s carers to see the sights of the lovely town, which included an art gallery, the seafront, cliff lift, museums and an aquarium.

Sahara Lodge’s Deputy Manager, Patricia Allen said: “Everyone had a fantastic time in Hastings and they were able to see and do a number of things with help from our care team.

“Trips like this are a really important part of what we do at Sahara, as it helps our service users to learn new skills and gain a greater sense of independence.

Sharon Kaur, Managing Director at Sahara Care, added: “We always try to go above and beyond to make sure our residents are able to enjoy a high quality of life and holiday’s and getaways play an important part in ensuring this goal is achieved.”